12 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus Christ by Kimball Fisher

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12 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus Christ

by Kimball Fisher

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Christ, the Ultimate Leader.

The leading edge principles and practices of leadership are over two thousand years old—instituted by arguably the greatest leader of all time, Jesus Christ.

In this groundbreaking book, internationally acknowledged team management expert Kimball Fisher examines twelve practical leadership lessons from the life of Jesus Christ. He shows how age-old stories from the New Testament illustrate time-tested ways to help modern leaders guide, motivate, delegate, empower, resolve conflict, coach, correct, create accountability, and inspire—regardless of religious background.


About the Author:

Kimball Fisher is the cofounder of The Fisher Group, a best-selling author, and a popular speaker. He is an internationally acknowledged authority on leadership and teams and has consulted with corporations across the globe. Kimball’s career began as a manager in Procter & Gamble’s innovative plant in Lima, Ohio. Several years after receiving his master’s degree, he was the first recipient of BYU’s prestigious William G. Dyer Outstanding Alumni Award for significant contributions to the field of organizational behavior.

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