American St. Nick: A True Story by Peter Lion

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American St. Nick: A True Story

by Peter Lion

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“The kids here in town haven’t seen Saint Nicolas or Christmas . . . in almost five years. They don’t even know who Saint Nicolas is. And that’s just it. It’s the kids I really feel sorry for,” Stutz said, “No Christmas or anything for almost five years? Can you imagine? It’s nuts.”

In December 1944, a handful of American soldiers brought the holiday spirit back to the children of war-weary Wiltz, Luxembourg. Just ten days later, Wiltz was all but destroyed in the Battle of the Bulge, but during the years that followed they never forgot the generosity of their American Saint Nicolas and his GI buddies.

Those who survived searched for the American soldiers, in hopes of bringing them back to Wiltz again. After more than thirty years, their prayers were answered. This incredible true story of heroism and hope amidst the horror of war is an upliting holiday must-read that will inspire you to share kindness, even in the darkest times.


About the Author:

Peter Lion is a seven-time Emmy-winning television producer/director with a love for writing. He is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, having majored in journalism with minors in English and communications. He currently lives in Northwest Hills of Connecticut with his wife, Karen, and their three dogs.


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