Courage: Stories of 100 People Who Changed the World by Roy Russell

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Courage: Stories of 100 People Who Changed the World

by Roy Russell

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“Dawn came. With it came more cries from the dying. As their lives drained from their bodies, they cried out in thirst: ‘Water! Water!’ No one from either side dared venture onto the no-man’s land. They knew as surely as death that they would be a target for enemy fire.”

Courage is Sergeant Kirkland risking open fire in broad daylight to provide water for enemies and comrades alike. Courage is Todd Beamer attempting to gain control over a suicide terrorist mission of a 757. Courage is Rosa parks standing up for equal rights by sitting down. Discover your own strength in this book, filled with 100 stories of people who changed the world in their own way.


About the Author:

Roy has earned majors in speech, drama, and business and minors in U.S History from Weber College and California State University in LA. He is the cofounder of the Santa Maria Civic Theater where he wrote essays included in the programs for nine years. He has been in 36 live stage productions and worked with Tom Hanks and Robert DeNiro as a background actor. He taught law and business in high school and college and served in the Korean War. Many of these incredible stories of courage he personally witnessed and now wants to share them with the world. He lives with his wife Pat in California.

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