Crack The Code: Decrypting Your Job Search by Reid A. Robison and Joseph Ellsworth

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Crack The Code: Decrypting Your Job Search

by Reid A. Robison and Joseph Ellsworth

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Can’t find a job—let alone your dream job? Uncover the secret to crack the code and land the job you want. Realize your potential and learn

  • How to create a résumé that pops
  • How to prepare the best two-minute “elevator speech”
  • How to most effectively answer common interview questions
  • How to construct a career development plan

Learn the skills you need now to be a competitive candidate for the jobs you want.

About the Authors:

Robison earned a PhD in leadership and an MBA in management. He was the Director of Placement for BYU’s Marriott School of Organizational Leadership and Strategy Department until his assignment as director of the Ghana MTC (he returns in January 2016). Robison’s responsibilities included counseling and finding jobs for OB/HR MBA students as well as undergraduates pursuing majors in OB/HR and strategy. He presided over the West Indies mission for the LDS church and currently sits on the board of directors for several corporations. He and his wife, Diane, are the parents of five children and eighteen grandchildren. His passion lies in helping young people discover their paths.

Ellsworth earned his bachelor’s degree in business management. He led the BYU Society for Human Resource management club and won the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award from the Marriott School. He was also a finalist for the Merrill J. Bateman award. He used the strategies contained in the book to land a position working with the HR Leadership Program at Goodyear.


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