Decorating for Real Life: The Shabby Nest’s Guide to Beautiful, Family-Friendly Spaces by Wendy Hyde


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Decorating for Real Life: The Shabby Nest’s Guide to Beautiful, Family-Friendly Spaces

by Wendy Hyde

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Don’t break the bank—create your own beautiful, unique, and livable space.

Filled with full-color photos, Decorating for Real Life will inspire you to bring a sense of beauty to your home without pinching pennies from your pocketbook. Learn how to

  • Customize basic furniture to reflect your personal style
  • Add a little whimsy with unexpected accents
  • Decide when to splurge on quality pieces
  • Successfully combine store-bought items with DIY projects
  • Create an overall style that blends seamlessly from room to room

As a popular blogger and interior designer, Wendy Hyde has an eye for all things beautiful. As a mother of four, she also knows how to make homes livable. From beginners’ basics to projects for pros, this book has everything you need to create the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of.


About the Author:

Wendy Hyde is passionate about interior design and equally passionate about sharing design inspiration with those around her. In 2008, she started writing her blog, The Shabby Nest, in an effort to connect with like-minded design lovers. In 2011, The Shabby Nest was chosen as the best decorating blog of the year by Country Living Magazine. Since then, Wendy has appeared as a speaker at home and garden shows, on both local and national television shows, in local newspapers, and in national magazines sharing her design ideas and DIY know-how with the public.

Having studied both fashion and interior design, Wendy brings a unique perspective to her work. one of her readers once told Wendy that she had “an eye for pretty.” That phrase resonated with her and has become a guiding principle both on her blog and in her daily design work. In addition to writ- ing her blog, Wendy works as an interior designer for Utah home builder, Ivory Homes. She loves helping her clients create beautiful spaces that they will be happy to call home.

Wendy and her four children live in a cozy home in Utah where they enjoy creative pursuits, laughing with one another, and redecorating . . . a lot.


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