Easy Leadership: 5 Simple Steps Successful Leaders Use to Inspire Action and Passion by R. Wayne Pace, PhD & Eric G. Stephan, PhD

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Easy Leadership: 5 Simple Steps Successful Leaders Use to Inspire Action and Passion

by R. Wayne Pace, PhD & Eric G. Stephan, PhD

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Take charge of your troops and discover how to lead—the easy way!

Experienced authors Dr. R. Wayne Pace and Dr. Eric G. Stephan have worked with countless leaders in diverse industries to develop a proven method for creating and completing powerful projects and engaging your entire team along the way.

  • Capitalize on the common thread in the lives of success stories like Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and Martha Stewart.
  • Learn to create and successfully implement projects that get people involved and drive real change.
  • Discover the dos and don’ts of networking so you can ensure your team members have the resources they need.
  • Take quizzes to gauge your leadership style and teach you the best methods for using Easy Leadership in connection with your personality.
  • Find out the five key actions that will help you be successful in any leadership setting.

Whether you’re responsible for completing a time-sensitive task, managing a diverse pool of people, or guiding an entire company, this book will teach you how to invest in your team and bring out the best in those you work with. That’s Easy Leading!


About the Authors:

R. Wayne Pace is the managing partner of R. Wayne Pace & Associates, a management development consulting firm with offices in St. George, Utah. He has consulted with and conducted management development activities with dozens of agencies and companies ranging from the Siemens Corporation, the South Australia Ambulance Service, the U.S. Forest Service, Christensen Brothers Diamond Products, the Parks Sportsman company, the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service, the Agricul- tural Stabilization and Conservation Service, and the Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Although he enjoys consulting in organizations to enhance employee vitality and dynamism, he relaxes by climbing among the rocks on the volcanic cliffs where we live. He also play noncompetitive golf on a course that winds among the red cliffs of Southern Utah. The view is spectacular. I play a rugged game of Chinese checkers, Birrguu Matya (an Australian Aboriginal game like tic-tac-toe and chess), carpet bowls, and nine men’s morris with my forty-plus grandchildren and great grandchildren. I play lawn bowls socially and, occasionally, in competition—especially during the World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.


Eric G. Stephan has delivered hundreds of lectures and seminars to business and civic groups on the subject of leadership, success and happiness, and being overworked and overwhelmed. Groups to which he has spoken include the National Association of State Budget Officers, National Parks and Recreational Administrators, Marriott Corporation, I.B.M., J. R. Simplot Co., Southwest Nursing Association, Society of Research Administrators, Utah Home Builders Association, Western States Municipal Treasurer’s Association, Utah City Manager’s Association, Marriott School of Management Business Management Societies, Parker Aerospace Co., and Bonneville Media Corporation.

He holds a PhD from the University of Utah in communication with an emphasis in educational psychology, and until receiving Professor Emeritus status, he was a professor of organizational leadership and strategy at Brigham Young University for many years. He has done postdoctoral study in creative problem solving, training and development, biofeedback, hypnosis, and psychosomatics.


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