Finding Life after Losing One: A Parent’s Guide for When a Child Dies by Nikki King and Alice Rampton

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Finding Life after Losing One: A Parent’s Guide for When a Child Dies

by Nikki King and Alice Rampton

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You are not alone.

The pain of losing a child to death is real. Friends, family, and parents of children of all ages who have passed on will find an empathetic voice in this book full of real-life advice from parents who’ve been there. Filled with practical help and relatable stories, this book addresses every thought and emotion experienced while mourning to help you remember and honor the ones you’ve lost, while moving forward.

  • Parents will learn what to do.
  • Friends can learn what to say (and what to avoid saying).
  • All will discover new ways to preserve precious memories, experience comfort, receive peace, and have their feelings of hope renewed.

Wherever you are on your journey, Finding Life after Losing One will help you reclaim your sense of purpose and feel the love of those who understand what you’re going through.


About the Author:

Alice H. Rampton grew up in Oregon, Thailand, and Japan. She received a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Oregon and taught elementary school. She is a community activist with youth, historical, and cultural organizations in Corvallis, Oregon. She has received many awards for her civic and international work. Alice codirects The TOUCH Project (Take One Ukrainian Child’s Hand), a nonprofit that works to improve the quality of life for over three hundred children in Ukraine. She is the mother of seven children and a grandmother to nearly twenty. Married to Mark Rampton, a family practice physician, Alice enjoys hiking, traveling, family history, reading, museums, and being with friends and family. When her daughter, Lora, died in 1986, her perspective on the meaning of life changed forever.

Nikki King was born in Spokane, Washington, and loves the Northwest. As a youth, she represented the United States as a student ambassador in Australia. She attended several universities and obtained a degree in sociology and leadership management. Her greatest joy is in the home with her family—baking and doing crafts. She volunteers in her children’s school and serves in her church and community youth programs. She enjoys coaching children’s gymnastics and playing softball. Losing a brother and a daughter, coupled with her background in sociology, gives Nikki a unique perspective on grief and its consequences. In this book, she reaches out to those who are suffering and offers support to those who experience loss.


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