Gardening Like a Ninja: A Guide to Sneaking Delicious Edibles into Your Landscape by Angela England

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Gardening Like a Ninja: A Guide to Sneaking Delicious Edibles into Your Landscape

by Angela England

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Create a landscape that’s both beautiful and edible. This book has everything you need to make your yard and your meals amazing! With a few simple adjustments, you can enhance your walkways, flower beds, front yards, and backyards with easy-to-care edible plants that will impress your neighbors and add to your dinner plate.

Become a gardening ninja by

  • Choosing the right vegetation for your zone to maximize success
  • Using the seasons to create beauty year-round in your garden
  • Cultivating areas that seem unusable
  • Harvesting fruits, veggies, and nuts from everywhere in your landscape

Your yard will look better than ever in no time with these sneaky edibles!


About the Author:

Angela England is a content strategist and pro blogger who is dedicated to making lives healthier and happier through her extensive knowledge of home and gardening. She is currently the author of three websites (,, and that amount to over 100,000 followers. She speaks three to five times a year at blog conferences. She is also the author of several books including Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) and Getting Prepared, both of which she has promoted on the news ( Additionally, she produces a weekly newsletter on home and gardening and sends it to her thousands of subscribed followers. She is now ready to continue her influence on budding gardeners with her book of unique and helpful Landscaping tips.



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