Hail Mary: The Inside Story of BYU’s Miracle Bowl Comeback by Ryan E. Tibbitts


“Where Hail Mary succeeds isn’t just the recounting of the events, but that Tibbitts was within earshot of most of them, with an unobstructed view . . . [It] takes you places a game ticket would never allow.”

—Brad Rock, Deseret News


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Hail Mary: The Inside Story of BYU’s Miracle Bowl Comeback

by Ryan E. Tibbitts

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It’s the win that put BYU on the map. It’s the comeback that came out of nowhere. It’s the Miracle Bowl. Get inside the players’ heads and find out how the final seconds of one game changed the course of BYU football history forever. This must-read book for fans of all ages will inspire you with the monumental power of preparation, heart, grit, and persistence.


About the Author:

Ryan E. Tibbitts was a member of the 1980 BYU football team that pulled off the greatest bowl game comeback in history. The game has become known as The Miracle Bowl and still, over thirty years later, is regularly mentioned in the sports press as one of the greatest college football games of all time, one of the greatest sports “miracles” and included one of the most spectacular “hail mary” plays in history. Over the years, as Ryan would occasionally reminisce about that week in San Diego with his team mates, he learned some things about that comeback that he did not know-things that he thought other BYU and sports fans would like to know about. At one time, Ryan assumed Holiday Bowl III would fade from the public memory enough that he could tell people he caught the hail mary pass, but, to his dismay, the allure of that game has not faded and in some respects has grown. So, he has to be content with being one of the BYU players on the roster that night. Now, he can also claim that he documented the inside story of that game for others to enjoy.


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