It’s a Doggone Shame: Curious Canine Crimes & Catastrophes by Shelly Schulthess Barson


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It’s a Doggone Shame: Curious Canine Crimes & Catastrophes

by Shelly Schulthess Barson

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Not all dogs go to heaven—especially not these ones. This hilarious collection of canines “confessing” their crimes will leave you howling with laughter . . . and sometimes adoring the cuteness. Perfect for the dog enthusiast in your family, this book makes a great gift that will have them laughing page after page!


About the Author:

Born first in a litter of five, Shelly grew up amid the quaking aspens and tall pines of her grandfather’s cattle ranch in Wyoming, riding horses and whispering with dogs. As a little girl she learned to love animals, and it’s been said that her first true love was a shaggy giant of a black lab named O’Malley. Her favorite things are feeling the wind between a horse’s ears, the word gobsmacked, cowboy boots, and puppy breath. She lives in Park City, Utah, with her husband, daughter, three horses, a cockatoo, and the family bouvier, Jai. She spends her time pursuing more of her favorite things (see above).


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