Living a Life That Matters: 7 Keys for Purposeful Living by Val Hale

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Living a Life That Matters: 7 Keys for Purposeful Living

by Val Hale

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“DING, DING, DING!” That obnoxious alarm goes off, but instead of moaning, you hop out of bed with a smile. Yes! Today is a new day to gain a purpose, to fulfill dreams, and to have a life that matters. Living a Life That Matters will help you move from the mundane to the meaningful and gain perspective as you learn about the key elements of a happy and fulfilling life.

Discover how to

  • Be a Doer, Not a Spectator
  • Cultivate Meaningful Relationships
  • Make a Difference in Others’ Lives
  • Get Active and Stay Active
  • Love Your Work
  • Be a Lifelong Learner
  • Seek Spiritual Balance


About the Author:

Val Hale’s life has been filled with many fascinating opportunities for work and service. He was a newspaper reporter for the Provo Daily Herald, athletic director at Brigham Young University, vice president at Utah Valley University, president and CEO of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and head of the Utah Governor’s Economic Development Office. In addition, he has been an ecclesiastical and civic leader and has served as president of Habitat for Humanity of Utah County, president of Riverside Country Club, and board chair of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce. He currently sits on thirty boards of directors. He and his wife, Nancy, a teacher, are avid recreationists and have three children and eleven grandchildren.


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