Rhino Trouble by Grant Olsen, Illustrated by Mike Carpenter

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Rhino Trouble

by Grant Olsen

Illustrated by Mike Carpenter

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My brother and I talked until the sun went down.
As we guarded the corn, a rumble came from the trees.

This time, we were ready.

Jump into the jungle! This entertaining story takes you deep into Nepal where two young brothers are facing a pack of troublesome rhinos. Can the boys outsmart the rhinos and protect their village? Perfect for young readers, this is sure to become a favorite bedtime story for kids and parents alike.


About the Author and Illustrator:

Grant Olsen (author) is an award-winning writer and researcher. His adventures and photos have appeared in publications such as Smithsonian Magazine, The Independent, Field and Stream, and Outdoor Life. His freelance journalism is popular with national readers, netting him a readership of more than 2.5 million pageviews during the past two years. Professionally, Olsen writes marketing and web copy for a variety of companies.

Mike Carpenter is an illustrator based in Reno, Nevada. Some of his earliest works can be found in the margins of his school math homework. An avid hiker and runner, Mike enjoys exploring nature and draws inspiration from his surroundings. Through art, he extends that love into creating adorable characters, mysterious beasts, and slobbering space creatures. Rhino Trouble is his first book illustration project.


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