WholeFIT: Wellness for Life by W. Jared DuPree, PhD

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Begin the journey to a healthier you!

Fad diets and counting calories will not make you healthy or solve all your problems. If you are looking for long-term solutions to health, listen up. WholeFIT brings together the expert opinions and advice of carefully selected healthcare professionals in order to give you a more complete vision of a healthy life.

Discover key factors that affect the quality of your life and learn how to ensure that life’s challenges don’t rock your health. With a different aspect of wellness covered in each chapter, you will gain essential tools and a greater understanding about how to live a healthier life. Join this team, heal yourself, and become WholeFIT!


About the Author:

JARED DUPREE earned his PhD from Kansas State University, developing theories and approaches that address weight management, chronic illness, and general wellness. He later earned an IMBA (International MBA) from the University of South Carolina, learning how to implement change models in the healthcare system and economy. Jared has worked with thousands of individuals and families to help them find more happiness and balance in life. He is the founder of the St. George Health & Wellness magazine and the founder of The Center for Couples & Families, and he continues to engage in research as a university professor while living with his family in beautiful St. George, UT.


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