You Are Gold: A Gratitude Journal by Teresa Collins

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You Are Gold: A Gratitude Journal

by Teresa Collins

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Gratitude for life’s golden moments is key to staying happy. To this end, internationally acclaimed designer Teresa Collins has created a journal especially for those looking for the good in their lives. With a fun design and encouraging quotes, this journal will help you count your blessings and stay positive through even the toughest days.


About the Author:

Teresa Collins began scrapbooking in 2002 as a way to come to terms with her mother’s sudden and unexpected death. Since then, she has honed her design skills and creates scrapbooking and stationery supplies that are gaining popularity worldwide.

Her life has had its share of difficulties, including a stroke she suffered after the birth of her fifth child, a divorce, and the terminal illness of her second husband. Despite these setbacks, Teresa has an optimism that is palpable and a desire to help others find happiness. Her belief is that creativity and positivity should be a vehicle to share your story and make your own life beautiful and inspirational.

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